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Stellaris: Console Edition has 99 Achievements. View the full Stellaris: Console Edition achievement list at XboxAchievements.com.
Take a trophy from a stellar being Strategic Initiative: Build a Strategic Coordination Center Suffer not the Alien: As a xenophobic Empire, purge all other sentient species from the
The basics. A fairly large portion of Stellaris achievements are easy, and usually earned in one game. If it's your first ironman game, but you feel confident about being able to win, you probably want to build a wide empire of at least 200 systems, (resouce achievements, star struck achievement, victorious, win a war, etc), and stack on as many ethic achievements as possible,
The only real problem would be not getting achievements in general, but since you ask for this specific one I assume you already follow the golden rules for achievement hunting. Thanks a lot for your specific answer - the problem is just that there exist two guides here, one of them saying it does matter what etic (the spiritual empire), the other that you can play with any
Also, if you are paranoid about achievement eligibility or want to add your own mods, the checksum of the game can be compared with the vanilla game (with the same DLC). As another option, the...